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We work hard to help clients achieve their best body and well-being both now and into the future. Our approach is holistic by providing innovative, scientific-based coaching methods. Residents use the tools in our comprehensive program to become physically stronger to live longer, healthier lives.


Britt Carpenter

As a high school athlete, fitness has always been an integral part of Britt’s life. Starting gymnastics at an early age he went on to compete in regional divisions. While in college he stayed fit by developing disciplined workout routines that would focus on strength training of the muscle core combined with agility drills. Britt thrives off the intensity of both physical and mental challenges of staying fit and believes that fitness is the true fountain of youth.

Allison Lee

Allison is a highly trained dancer in a wide variety of styles from ballet to hip-hop, as well as pilates, yoga and core strength training. Having appeared in 5 Broadway shows, she has had the privilege of working with the city’s top trainers and physical therapists on proper body mechanics by building core strength and balancing opposing muscle groups. Allison also attended the Swedish Institute for Massage Therapy and has been an LMT for over 10 years.


Sarah Guffey

At the age of 18, Sarah’s love for yoga and meditation started. “Learning to love me and my self-worth has been a constant effort. Everything that brings me joy I have studied so I can bring others closer to theirs.” In 2004 Sarah began teaching her practices to high schoolers in the Bronx while completing a BA in Cultural Studies with a minor in Creative Arts Therapies from New School. Her studies and practices are as followed; Yoga Therapy, Massage Therapy, Aromatherapy, Yoga for Children (ages 0-13 years), 200hr Yoga Alliance Yoga, Pre-Natal and Postpartum Yoga, Yin Yoga, intenSati, PiYo, Zumba, ProNatal Fitness, DONA Doula, Psychology Coach, Meditation Coach, and Nutrition Coach.​


Kirana Peters

A dancer, aerialist, and yogi, Kirana has been drawn to movement arts her whole life. Her path began with ballet at Minnesota Dance Theater. She continued her education at University of Minnesota, where she earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance and a Bachelor of Science in Psychology. Kirana made the move to New York City to train at Alvin Ailey’s Independent Study Program, and from there she has had the fortune to dance with a few companies, including Eva Dean Dance Company.

Mackenzie Sutherland

Mackenzie carefully constructs unique sequences specifically designed for each class depending on class size and time of day. Skillfully teaches a wide range of student levels, from beginning to advanced. Instruct students on correct alignment and provide hands on adjustments. She teaches vinyasa and yin styles as well as guided meditations and pranayama.

Kenny Grant

Ken is a NCSF Certified Personal Trainer. He also holds certifications for Precision Nutrition, Kettlebell and Pre/Post Natal training. Proficient in TRX, ViPR, and Bosu training. His experience in the fitness industry spans 15 plus years. Ken began his career in Baltimore, Maryland training family, friends and private clients. Moving to New York in 2003 he has been a team member for many different Corporate Fitness organizations.

Pierre Fils-amie

Pierre was trained in the martial art of Kung-Fu in which he practiced for 8 years of his life, obtaining black sash status. This helped develop his disciplined mindset towards fitness challenges and their importance in ones daily routine. His 4 years on the cross country team throughout high school not only drove his love for endurance and cardio training, but encouraged a relationship with nature and the world around him.


Nicolas Sipes

Nicholas grew up in Baltimore, Maryland where he started dancing at the age of 4. Moving to NY at the age of 17 to train at The School of American Ballet. He started his professional career at 18 in Philadelphia as a member of The Pennsylvania Ballet. Joined the National tour of the musical Billy Elliot and made his Broadway debut as a member of The Cast. He toured Europe for two years in a production of West Side Story. Nicholas has been a member of Company XIV performing in Nutcracker Rouge.

Janet Huey

Janet, originally from Sacramento, California has been coaching in the fitness and entertainment industry for the past 10 years. She is NASM certified with a background in Musical Theater and Dance. She started in Los Angeles as a fitness coach for upcoming pop artists and is now working one on one with those focused on there health and wellness goals in the Big Apple. Specializing in Strength and Conditioning, Pre and Post Natal workouts, Dance cardio and Yoga.


Patrick Hogan

Patrick is a certified yoga teacher who is also certified in Thai Massage and the study of Natural Movement. Patrick believes in a playful approach to his practices and uses his classes as a forum for movement exploration blending the study of both natural movement and yoga. The intent is to awaken the mind/body connection and redefine our relationship with the world.

Stephanie Schwartz

Stephanie Schwartz is a New York City-based yoga teacher, cycling instructor and holistic health coach. The practice of yoga (and any other physical activity) in her view, is to develop resiliency through a practice that pushes us to grow physically and mentally. Stephanie challenges classes to step outside their comfort zones, learn something new, and walk away with greater understanding and mastery of who they are in the context of their own lives. Stephanie’s goal, above and beyond anything else, is always to light a flame of confidence within her students, both through physical accomplishment and a reframed mindset.

Deon Wallcot

Deon originally from Georgetown, Guyana, started in fitness at an early age through boxing. After 10 yrs of boxing Deon decided to make the transition in to personal training, due to a shoulder injury. Now a certified personal trainer; specializing in corrective exercise, strength & conditioning, weight management and boxing. Deon is dedicated to helping all his clients obtain their goals, no matter how big or small.

Amanda Walsh

Amanda Alappat is an ambassador of holistic health and wellness. Due to her comprehensive background, she designs and teaches exercise programs that incorporate yoga, boxing and strength training all centered around love, accountability and positivity. Amanda is also a prenatal certified instructor and doula and enjoys working with pregnant women to encourage a safe and empowering approach to pregnancy, birth and motherhood. 

Adam Figueroa

Adam, practicing and integrating Muscle Activation Techniques in his personal training business for 14 years. He assists his clientele in person specific exercise programs and navigating the myths and truths in exercise with health and wellness industries. He runs Yva Yoga in Brooklyn with his wife Yva apart from maintaining long standing private client based in Manhattan.

Ryan Fitzgerald

Ryan is a native to Colorado who's living in NYC. With Ryan's background as a professional dancer and theatre artist, he believes in a healthy lifestyle diet and bringing artistry with energy and functional to every workout. Thrilled to be on the NYOP team, Ryan can’t wait to help get your fit on.

Conor Wagar

Conor is a former Jr National competitive figure skater and a principal skater with Ice Theatre of New York. While training for the Olympics, Conor discovered a passion for fitness and health. He was exposed to high intense training, injury prevention, and dance. By incorporating his former Olympic style training, he has been able to maximize his strength and conditioning. Conor loves to help other people achieve their highest potential. He believes that a fit and health lifestyle can help you live a better life!

Sophie Hart-Ruderman

Pushing my clients boundaries, helping them achieve what they felt was a far-fetched dream. I'm here to help make those dreams, turn into a living goal. From weight loss-to muscle gain I create individualized training programs to accommodate YOU. No goal is too small, or too large, let’s get started!

Cammi Nevarez

Cammi from Los Angeles, California received her Bachelor  degree of Arts in Dance and minor in Business Entrepreneurship from Point Park University. Cammi has appeared on Nickelodeon and holds a file in Cirque Du Soleil’s database for contemporary/jazz dancers. Cammi also had the privilege to work as the choreographer on set for film starring Will Smith titled, Concussion. She currently resides in New York City where she continues to perfect her craft and spread her ideas.

Adina Tseytin

Adina is a certified yoga instructor who is passionate about guiding her students through the modalities of movement, meditation, and mindful breathing. She curates each class based on her students' needs and provides a challenging yet nurturing environment that inspires safe and fun practice. She provides intelligent sequencing, clear alignment cues, and music that moves with the arc of each class. She wholeheartedly believes in yoga as a healing and transformative practice.

Will Negrillo

Certified Group fitness instructor who is very passionate about fitness and the arts. Will Negrillo was a high school athlete that has been in the fitness field for over 8 years and his favorite format to teach is Zumba Fitness. Will is a Zumba Fitness international presenter that has been traveling around the world teaching, and his goal is to continue to spread joy through fitness and help those who are looking to live a healthier lifestyle.